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Satisfashion Milano

Satisfashion is a fashion satisfaction. Pleasure and delight through daily use of design. Satisfaction, is a fashion event on the move, entirely dedicated to designer fashion and promotion of new designers.

Quartier 206 Fashion Week

Satisfashion Monaco

Satisfashion is a fashion event on the move, entirely dedicated to designer fashion and promotion of new designers. Satisfashion brings glamour & nature all the way to Monaco through a mix of collections, styles and designs.

Made in Germany


Parisfashion is a fashion event created in order to present latest trends in fashion for upcoming season and to celebrate uprising fashion brands. Hosted in Paris, the home of greatest designers and the birthplace of haute couture, the event is a platform for growing brands and young designers from all over the world.

90 Festival 2018

FashionPhilosophy PRE-PARTY

FashionPhilosophy is a well-established fashion event brand in Poland for many years hosting the key fashion event FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. FashionPhilosophy PRE-PARTY was a project announcing the comeback of the brand after few years of break on polish market.

Art Naif Festiwal

Hello, my name is Katarzyna Kraus Caliman.

I work in event production and project realization in the areas of art and culture, entertainment, education and media.

I produce and co-produce art festivals, fashion shows, concerts, educational workshops, video clips and trainings. I also build content for social media and websites of chosen events.

As a producer I take care of a full production process and I support your project from the beginning to the end. I create a concept, program and visual identification, I manage teams of subcontractors, communicate with participants and press and I am responsible for promotion. I speak with honorary patronages of the events, CEOs of sponsoring companies, artists participating in the show, their managers, caterers and technical crew. Always fully respecting the budget, I care about keeping up with the schedule while responding to any artist’s demands and delivering to the organizer.
My specialty is a psychological approach to work with people. Thanks to open communication and noticing and reacting to critical moments, I bring together all parties involved in the production process.

If you are planning an event, a video, a workshop or you want to expand your project abroad and you need support to make it happen, give me a call!

3. Good experienced producer is like a cherry on top!
2. The production process is the creamy essence. These are all the tasks leading towards realization of the concept. The success comes from the harmony between all involved teams, undisturbed flow of information, speed and precision of actions and, most of all, following settled goals.
1. The client is the base. There is no project without concept and idea. First and foremost the focus must be put on the vision, which the organizer wants to pursue, the plan, the goals and the budget.
I was collaborating with Katarzyna during the 10th edition of Art Naif Festiwal in Katowice, Poland, which is the worldwide most famous and important Naive art exhibition in Europe. My experience
of working with her was very good. She has a pleasant character, she’s professional and is very attentive, and has a personal approach, which is much appreciated while working with artists and customers. Katarzyna speaks many languages (English, French and Spanish), which makes international cooperation smooth. She managed to deal with huge amount of artists from so many countries and created
a beautiful and professional international art exhibition.
Not forgetting that she’s a very representative person as well.
Noemi Eshet-Rosenzweig, Israeli Gallerist
In my opinion Katarzyna Kraus Caliman is a very extrovert person with great amount of ideas. She is a professional. At her work she pays attention to every detail. She also takes over much initiative, while working on particular projects. I also had a chance to see Katarzyna at work during two international events, she was always helpful and with a smile on her face. Thanks to her personality, she attracts interesting people, with whom she creates new original events.
Agnès Wuyam – clothing designer
Katarzyna Kraus Caliman takes care of her responsibilities with full professionalism and dedication, for all fashion and cultural projects of Mystyle-Events. Great features of this cooperation is her constant availability and fast reacting. She has a professional approach to her work and she adds her own ideas to the projects. Nice and harmonious atmosphere adds to the success of all projects.
I’m glad to say that I have full trust in Katarzyna Kraus Caliman and I believe
in our long term cooperation.
Kasia Stafanów, Mystyle-Events CEO
Katarzyna Kraus Caliman collaborates with our company constantly since the moment of its creation, 13 years ago. Since our business domain
is a broad use of psychology in business, Katarzyna as a psychologist, professionally supports our actions with her knowledge
and experience in roles of coach, consultant and assessor. In working with Katarzyna we appreciate her solid approach, knowledge
and experience in wide range of practice and her huge creativity
in bringing new solutions and interesting realizations of our development projects. What is also very important for us is her way of work with her addictive positivity.
Urszula Sendor, Sendor Training CEO